CodeMash is excited to be working on a fresh site design. Until the unicorns are finished with it, please feast your eyes on the CodeMash schedule of dates for CodeMash 2015.
Of course being in software we all know these dates are estimates, and that responsible people will check back from time to time to ensure they haven't been changed by hooligans or unexpected purple squirrels.


Download the Sponsor Prospectus. Alumni sponsors received a link to the sponsor portal in their email.

Schedule of Dates

July 1 : Call for Alumni Sponsors - Now Open
July 15 : Call for all Sponsors
Aug 15 - 31 : Call for speakers
Sept 30: Announce selected sessions
Oct 1 - 7 : Alumni Tickets on sale
Oct 1 : Online store and hotel reservations open
Oct 8 - 15 : Public tickets on sale
Oct 16 - 31 : Attendee session survey
Dec 1 : Session schedule announced
Jan 6 - 9, 2015 : CodeMash v.