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CodeMash 2018 CFP Wrap-Up

So, after a crazy month-and-a-half, we come to the end of the CodeMash CFP process. Our CFP opened on 8/15, closed on 8/31, and today the speakers were announced. Most may not believe us, but the selection process seems to get harder each year… meaning, for a given track with 13 slots you may have 20-30 Read More


We have opened up the call for interns. We have 40 intern spots available this year. If you know a STEM related college student that is interested, please send them over to the site. For those wondering, the speaker and session selection announcements are on Read More

Announcing CodeMash 2018 Tickets and Hotel details

The CodeMash staff have been working to pull together the tickets and hotels for 2018, and we are finally ready to share this information. There are a few details left to nail down, but we wanted to get the 99% out there as early as we could. You can read all of the details at Read More