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Cool Kalahari Coupon for CodeMash

The Kalahari have been awesome partners for years. They have just as much to do with how awesome CodeMash is, as the speakers and attendees do. They just bring a whole bag full of magic to the party (but still no glitter allowed. :( ) This year, as a thank you for all of the years with CodeMash, they are Read More

Friday Guide

Friday, the last day of CodeMash. /SadFace Breakfast starts a little later today, at 7:30am, and runs until 8:30am. Sessions will be like Thursday, each being one hour long, and having a 15 minute break. Lunch will be like Thursday, open dining, where you can come in when you have time. After Read More

Thursday Guide

Make sure you read the prior post about the all day every day activities, and the post on how to check in at CodeMash. Wow! Thursday! This is an interesting day. Fully half of the attendees are already in house, with their brains nearly full from two days of precompilers. The other half of the 2,100 Read More