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Super Shuttle Specifics

We have so many people at CodeMash, that like other major conferences, we have multiple hotels. In order to make it easy for attendees to get around, and to avoid dangerous driving situations, we have a full featured shuttle system. We have devices in each shuttle to track it's location in real time. You Read More

Pre-Compiler Install Fests!

We’ve all been there… you’re sitting in a precompiler, all ready to go, and then you realize that the 5GB file you downloaded before you left home was the *wrong file*. Now, you are fighting with all of your other wonderful CodeMash colleagues trying to completely backup up their Mac with Carbonite, and/or Read More

Top Priority : CodeMash Menu

We thought, since the most important thing about CodeMash is the food, that we would publish the expected menus. Each item on the buffet will be notated with the following information: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Vegan, and Vegetarian. There will also be a hot sauce swap table in the dining room, so Read More