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About the Organizers

CodeMash would not be possible without volunteer efforts from the developer community:

brian codemash 2014 - squareBrian Prince (President, Board of Directors) has been an international speaker and community leader for over fifteen years. He is one of the founders of CodeMash, and is the current President. When he isn’t busy working on CodeMash, Brian is a Cloud Evangelist for Microsoft. Brian is the co-author of Azure in Action, published by Manning Press. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science and Physics from Capital University, Columbus, Ohio. He is also a zealous gamer. For example, he is a huge fan of Skyrim, Puerto Rico, and pretty much every other game (video or board) he plays. He loves to backpack, backwoods camp, and cycle.


jason_follasJason Follas (Vice President, Board of Directory) is a Sr. Software Engineer for Quicken Loans. He has spent the past 20 years delivering software for clients in the manufacturing, engineering, and financial services sectors. He loves the opportunity to teach as well as to learn from others, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. His career has been centered on the use of Microsoft technologies, and has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for SQL, Visual C#, and Windows Platform.



WIo7AsFJ_400x400Rob Gillen (Secretary, Board of Directory) is a member of the Intelligent Computing Research Team within the Computational Data Analytics Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In his role as a research professional, works alongside domain scientists to deliver solutions to complex problems at a national scale. Prior to coming to ORNL, Rob spent 11 years as a software developer and architect consultant helping companies around the world deploy various technologies in support of the businesses. When he’s not at the lab, he can be found with his family, on his bike, or at a conference talking about cyber security topics.

chris_judd2Christopher Judd (Content Chair) is the CTO and a partner at Manifest Solutions (, an international speaker, an open source evangelist, the Central Ohio Java Users Group ( and Columbus iPhone Developer User Group leader, and the co-author of Beginning Groovy and Grails (Apress, 2008), Enterprise Java Development on a Budget (Apress, 2003) and Pro Eclipse JST (Apress, 2005) as well as the author of the children’s book “Bearable Moments”. He has spent 18 years architecting and developing software for Fortune 500 companies in various industries, including insurance, health care, retail, government, manufacturing, service, and transportation. His current focus is on consulting, mentoring, and training with Java, Java EE, Groovy, Grails, Cloud Computing and mobile platforms like iPhone, Android, Java ME and mobile web.


greg_huberGreg Huber (Sponsorship Engagement) is a long time CodeMash fan, and has been a part of it from the humble beginnings of the conference. Greg is responsible for CodeMash Sponsor Sales and serves on the Committee. In a somewhat interesting string of events, Greg recently unseated a small team of infinite monkeys in a typing speed contest– which earned him the right to be the primary meeting note taker. Greg is also involved in the technical community in Northwest Ohio and has founded many active user groups including: the .NET User Group (NWNUG), the Northwest Ohio SharePoint User Group (NWSPUG), and recently co-founded the Northwest Ohio CIO Forum.  For his day job, Greg leads the Software Development and Enterprise Architecture groups at First Solar. Greg is also the CTO of a technology startup, i-Command.

matt_brewerMatt Brewer (Registration Czar) is a software craftsman who has been developing on many different platforms, in a multitude of languages for over twenty years. Previously, he preferred to work full time within different enterprises until folks the software community gave him the courage to start consulting.  He started at a small firm named Ingage Partners in 2012 and hasn’t looked back.  He has attended every CodeMash since 2008 and started to help out on the registration staff a couple years ago.  He resides in Mason, OH with his wife and three wonderful kids, who also have been to CodeMash every year.

ScottZischerkScott Z. (Nerf Herder) has been attending CodeMash since the beginning. He has designed t-shirts, hoodies and signs for CodeMash. Last year he took over as CodeMash volunteer coordinator. He currently works for Interactive Business Systems, consulting, developing software and managing projects. He primarily develops in the Microsoft stack, but has been doing some mobile projects in PhoneGap lately. He was one of the organizers of the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor and, for a short time, the Vice President of the Ann Arbor .NET User group. He is an avid snowmobiler and woodworker, dabbles in home automation and has built a few MAME arcade cabinets. In his spare time he coaches baseball, football and basketball for his 3 sons.

KidzMash Committee

It takes an amazing amount of work to plan and execute our family track. In 2014 we had over 250 kids in our program. That is more than all of the attendees and speakers of the first CodeMash. We expect over 650 kids this year. The program has a mix of fun family activities, fun technical sessions, and social time for parents.

gabrielleGabrielle Sempf  Wife. Mommy. Business owner. With over 15 years of accounting and process management experience dealing with independent owners, non-profits and fortune 500 companies, as well as 22 plus years being the official geek herder for Bill Sempf and 9 plus years as the geekling herder for their two children, she is supposedly qualified to herd the geekling masses and carry forward the amazing KidzMash tradition. Her spare time wants to be full of blacksmithing, cutting glass bottles, Diablo, and Muay Thai. Mostly it is full of running the business, teaching and raising children, and laundry.​

mattCastoMatt Casto Matt may or may not have replaced himself with a life model decoy years ago. While not actively plotting to rule the world, Matt fills his days being a father to two, technical lead for ABB, gamer, beer aficionado, people watcher, and secret heir to the throne.​
robinDunganRobin Dungan Robin E. Dungan is dedicated to making education equitable and accessible for all communities. As Master Educator and Manager of Education Services with COSI in Columbus, she manages COSI’s school programming and provides professional development opportunities for teachers across Ohio and surrounding states. Robin was a junior high science teacher, the Education Director for a Residential Youth Treatment Facility, a Naturalist, and Columnist for The Star Press. She loves camping, cycling, hiking and gardening, however she is currently working on a Masters Degree from Miami University’s Global Field Program ,so her spare time involves perusing scholarly articles on inquiry and participatory education, community-based-conservation, and the impact of school gardens on student and wildlife conservation. When she does eek out a few moments, she revels in game night with her fiancé, Andy, their 7 year old twins, Peter and Laura, and their 3 super-pups, Peyton, Cassie, and Mia.

Julie Fuller fullerI am the wife of Russ, and a mom of 3 teens. We have been coming to CodeMash as a family since the first year. That was back when the kids were just toddlers and we walked the waterpark seeking other codemash widows.  In my life before kids, I was a Recreational Therapist, working at a hospital physical rehab unit.  Since then, I have become a mini-van driving taxi driver for any and all kids’ sports and activities including but not limited to baseball, softball, bowling, marching band, skiing, youth group, clubs and on and on… What do I do for me?  Coffee! It has been exciting to be a part of KidzMash and watch my children go from back of the room daisy-pickers to full-participants and helpers!


Courtney Eaton Eaton

Wearer of many hats. Wife to Michael Eaton (and to you that know him well, know that definitely deserves a hat of its own), mother to two great kids, Katie and Jacob, who of course are growing up way to fast, teacher (both to 4 yr olds and my own children), a co-founder of the Children’s Museum of Branch County and now, support staff for Kidzmash.  For the past eight years, I have been the co-Director and teacher for three and four year olds (4 year olds being my favorite but don’t tell anyone).  I tend to gravitate towards kids in any situation; you could say I tend to fit right in.  I love seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing them laugh makes my day!   I currently live in Coldwater, MI with my wonderful husband, Michael, our two children, Katie and Jacob, my mother-in-law, our bunny, Snowball, and a dwarf hamster named Chloe.


Session Committee

For CodeMash 2016, there were over 1,000 amazing session proposals submitted, and that is a number that continues to grow every year. One of the biggest challenges with CodeMash is deciding which proposals to accept. This herculean task falls to the Session Committee Members:


guy_royseGuy Royse works for Pillar Technology in Columbus, Ohio as an instructor, a consultant, and a software engineer. He has programmed in numerous languages –many of them semi-colon delimited — but has more recently been working with JavaScript and Ruby. An early adopter of the maker movement, he purchased his first soldering iron in 1988. Guy is also the chief organizer for the Columbus JavaScript User Group and is active in the local development community.   In his personal life, Guy is a hard-boiled geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history and linguistics. In his spare time he volunteers as Cubmaster for his kids’ Cub Scout Pack.



hillary_waeverHillary Weaver (known as g33klady on the Internets) is a QA Engineer, Award Winning Tweeter (@g33klady), and prolific swearer. She has written for ‘The Testing Planet’, been a guest on the ‘IT in the D’ Internet radio show (where she earned the nickname The H-Bomb), scarcely maintains a blog at, speaks at conferences on the dev/qa relationship, and is a skilled marksman in Halo.


bill_sempfBill Sempf is a software security architect. His breadth of experience includes business and technical analysis, software design, development, testing, server management and maintenance, and security. In his 20 years of professional experience he has participated in the creation of well over 200 applications for large and small companies, managed the software infrastructure of two Internet service providers, coded complex software happily in every environment imaginable, tested the security of all natures of applications and APIs, and made mainframes talk to cell phones. He is the author of C# 5 All in One for Dummies and Windows 8 Programming with HTML5 For Dummies; a coauthor of Effective Visual Studio.NET and many other books, a frequent contributor to industry magazines; and has recently been an invited speaker for the ACM and IEEE, BlackHat, CodeMash, DerbyCon, BSides, DevEssentials, the International XML Web Services Expo and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Bill is the project leader of the OWASP .NET Project, and is the Administrative Director of Locksport International.


matt_darbyMatt Darby has developed on the web for fifteen years. I do full stack web. I can configure pools of servers, architect and develop the applications on those servers, and make it all look good (and run). I have a Master’s in Computer Science, am a Professor at Franklin University and I lead the Columbus Ruby Brigade. I’ve launched projects for folks from AT&T, Sprint, LivingSocial, SeoMoz, and Grange Insurance to local engineering and consulting firms. I’m at home with Ruby/Rails/Javascript/CSS, and am a big fan of the MeteorJS framework. The rest of the information you’d likely want to see (Github, etc) are on my site:


marc_peabodyMarc Peabody has slung JavaScript, Java, and Ruby for a decade or so in the great city of Columbus, Ohio. As a father of two beautiful children he fills his free time with running and warm hugs.




SteveSmithSailingProfileSteve Smith is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Falafel Software. Steve has published several courses on Pluralsight, covering DDD, SOLID, design patterns, and software architecture. He’s a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, a frequent speaker at developer conferences, an author, and a trainer. Along with his wife and business partner, Michelle Smith, Steve was also the founder of Lake Quincy Media (acquired by The Code Project) and NimblePros (acquired by Telerik). Steve’s an ex-Army Engineer officer and Iraq veteran who enjoys playing games and spending time outdoors.



mike_eatonMichael Eaton has been a software developer since the early 90’s, but left the so-called security of a “real job” for the freedom and flexibility of independence in 2001. Since then, he has focused on client-based technologies and has worked with clients throughout the mid-west. Michael is co-owner of LiteAccounting, an online invoicing application. Michael runs the Kalamazoo X Conference and is a C# MVP. When not working on projects or spending time with his family, he will most likely be found reading, honing his marksmanship skills on the pistol range or doing silly things like jumping out of airplanes.
jen-newJen Myers is a web designer/developer, speaker and teacher in Chicago. In 2011, she founded the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Girl Develop It, an organization that provides introductory coding classes aimed at women, and currently works with Girl Develop It Chicago as an advisor and teacher. She speaks regularly about design, development and diversity, and focuses on finding new ways to make both technology and technology education accessible to everyone.



Bryan Hunterbryan_hunter
is the CTO of Firefly Logic and a cheerleader at NashFP (Nashville Functional Programmers). He is a Microsoft MVP in F# and a well-known figure in the Erlang/Elixir community. Bryan has a long obsession with both Lean and functional programming.


Emeritus Board Members

jim_holmesJim Holmes is a Father.  Husband.  Geek. Veteran. Around 25 years IT experience. Co-author of “Windows Developer Power Tools.” Coffee Roaster.  MVP for C#.  Ex-Chief Cat Herder of the CodeMash Conference. Diabetic. Runner. Liked 5th grade so much he did it twice. One-time setter, middle blocker, and weakside hitter. Blogger ( Big fan of naps.



jason_gilmoreW. Jason Gilmore is a software developer ( and consultant with more than 15 years of experience helping companies of all sizes build amazing solutions. He is the author of over six books, including the bestselling “Beginning PHP and MySQL, Fourth Edition” and “Easy PHP Websites with the Zend Framework, Second Edition”. Over the years Jason has published more than 300 articles within popular publications such as,, JSMag, and Linux Magazine, and instructed hundreds of students in the United States and Europe. He’s recently led the successful development and deployment of a 10,000+ product e-commerce project, and is currently the lead developer of an e-commerce analytics project for a globally recognized publisher. Jason is cofounder of the wildly popular CodeMash Conference (, the largest multi-day developer event in the Midwest. Away from the keyboard, you’ll often find Jason hunched over a chess board or having fun with DIY electronics.