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Kotlin, Going Native & Beyond

Presented by: Sam Corder
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Cross platform mobile solutions have traditionally meant a good enough fit on one platform and a square peg in a round hole for all of the others. Yet the pressure to stop writing the same app twice on two platforms is constantly coming down from management. How can one code base be shared between two platforms without dropping down to the lower levels of C/C++ or going down the dark and twisted path of Javascript? In 2011, Jetbrains, the company behind IntelliJ and other tools popular with developers released the first version of the Swift like language known as Kotlin. Since then Kotlin has grown in popularity and features becoming a first class supported language on Android even. In mid 2017 Jetbrains brought Kotlin out of the JVM/Android world and released a Kotlin compiler front end for the same compiler infrastructure that Objective-C and Swift use, LLVM. Now today, it is possible to write code in a high level and type safe language geared toward developer productivity that works the way the host platform works. Attendees of this talk will learn enough about Kotlin to see why it is a compelling language and how to write code in said language that can be simultaneously compiled to both an Android library and native iOS framework. Thus attendees will have gained the power to make management happy and hold onto that last thread of sanity.

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