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Build your own A.I. powered robot - Part 1

Presented by: Henk Boelman
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 08, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Morning Program 8:00 8:30 Introduction 8:30 10:00 Connecting the wires 10:00 11:00 Introduction to Cognitive Services 11:00 12:00 Challenges 1 2 3 The morning session: In the morning we start with a small introduction to the Raspberry Pi and Windows IoT core 10. We start with 2 basic exercises. The first is connecting the sensors and wires to the Raspberry Pi and the second is getting your development environment ready to deploy. Around 10 we dive into a bit of theory about the capability of the Microsoft Cognitive Services, with later we can use in 3 challenges to make our Raspberry hear and see. * For the morning session there is a maximum of 24 people sharing 12 Raspberry Pi kits. If you join this workshop: - Follow the pre-requirements as listed here: - Come with a working Azure Subscription (It will not cost more than 1-20$) - Read the description at both parts (morning / afternoon) The need to jump on the AI track is more relevant than ever. With the commodity of hardware and the computing power of the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence is at our fingertips and waiting to be implemented in new innovative solutions. This workshop gives a quick start in the world of AI by combining Windows IoT, a Raspberry Pi with some sensors and the power of Microsoft Cognitive Services. You will learn how a Raspberry Pi works, dive into topics like face identification, language understanding and how to train your own vision model. The workshop is very hands-on and at the end you have made a robot that can talk and uses its vision and ears to interact with its surroundings. The bot will run on a Raspberry Pi powered by Windows IoT. The bot will be able to see, hear and talk using different Cognitive Services. What you will learn: • Windows IoT • Raspberry PI with sensors • Face detection API • Language Understanding • Custom Vision After the workshop, you know what Cognitive Services are and have hands-on experience implementing them in a program. You can connect sensors to the Raspberry and use their capabilities in your programs. Who should attend: This workshop is for you if you: • Want to learn what all the different Cognitive Service are and how to use them. • Learn about the Raspberry Pi works and write software for it. • Play around with hardware and like connecting wires and sensors What to bring: Bring your laptop running the latest Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2017. You will need an Azure subscription to activate the Cognitive Services APIs, if you don’t have one please create one before the workshop. Read this before attending: The AI revolution is coming, and you can be part of it!

Room: NileTags: .NET, Cloud, HardwareLevel: Intermediate