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Wait...My Mobile App Needs to Be PCI Compliant!??

Presented by: Jackie Michl
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Many folks think mobile apps don’t need to be PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant – but that’s true. So why do delivery teams think their apps are out of PCI scope, even when the app accepts card payments? Well, unless you dig through pages of documentation, understanding the relationship between PCI compliance and mobile apps is quite difficult. This talk discusses the history of the PCI Data Security Standard and what PCI “compliance” means, particularly when looking at mobile apps. (Specifically – apps that run on consumer devices and do NOT use a hardware accessory with a validated Point-to-Point Encryption solution.) Attendees will walk away knowing why their delivery team should keep PCI compliance top of mind when developing mobile apps. Furthermore, they will have a list of actions their team can take to ensure their development process aligns with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Room: Aloeswood / Leopard WoodTags: Mobile, SecurityLevel: Introductory and overview