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Hotdog Not Hotdog: Xamarin Android Things Primer

Presented by: Ron Dagdag
Time: Friday, Jan. 11, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

We will cover the Android Things platform. Android Things lets you build Android apps that run on devices like a Raspberry Pi using all of the great tools already available and familiar to Android and C#. We’ll cover the basics of getting started with Android Things platform and how any developer without electronics experience can build IoT apps with Android Things using C#. This discussion will be a deeper dive into how you can use the Android Things SDK to build apps that interact with the real world. Expect to see live demos on devices all using Visual Studio. We’ll cover how to deploy a simple Xamarin.Forms apps. Read and write sensor data. Run a Machine Learning custom image recognizer using Tensorflow on Android Things. Attend the presentation and see how we can use Android Things for our IoT Edge scenarios.

Room: RosewoodTags: .NET, Hardware, MobileLevel: Introductory and overview