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Unraveling Realities: Building HoloLens Apps With Unity & C#

Presented by: Jeff McKenzie
Time: Friday, Jan. 11, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

As the universe of immersive technologies expands, it's easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes confused not only by device choice and experience, but also by terminology. In this session, as we discuss virtual, augmented, and mixed realities -- what they mean, how they're used, and where they overlap -- you'll discover how to build your own personal reality for HoloLens, the wearable, self-contained, holographic computer. You don't even need a device to get started! Create an experience in the Unity 3D engine, which supports C# for programmatic manipulation of objects. We'll then step through the process for building Unity projects as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) solutions, maintaining them in version control, and deploying them for testing to the HoloLens emulator in Visual Studio.

Room: Salon DTags: .NET, Design (UI/UX/CSS), MobileLevel: Introductory and overview