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If Your Tests Could Talk

Presented by: James Balmert
Time: Friday, Jan. 11, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Test Driven Development (TDD) has failed!  Tests are hard to write, run slowly, break easily, are hard to understand, take a long time to write and are a pain to modify!  If any of this sounds familiar, your tests are trying to tell you something.  But what are they trying to say?  Sometimes it's as simple as telling you when to extract a new abstraction or to decompose a function.   Other times the message can be less obvious, like telling you your code is too tightly coupled or that responsibilities have been assigned incorrectly.  Sometimes they can tell you it's time to back up and rethink your design.  Come explore these and other sources of trouble with test driving code.  If you have been burnt by TDD in the past, this may be the perfect opportunity to try it again armed with a clear set of guidelines to interpret the feedback from your tests.  Your tests are already talking… find out what they have to say!

Room: Sagewood / ZebrawoodTags: Java, TestingLevel: Intermediate