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Jump Into JSON. Rush Into REST.

Presented by: Duane Collicott
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM

Everybody needs a quick quick catch-up on technology at one time or another. Perhaps you’re new to modern development, or maybe you’ve been too focused on your projects that you haven’t been able to come up for air. During the conference you will see the terms REST, API, and JSON in many of the session abstracts. Regardless of the topic - front end, back end, desktop, web, mobile - these concepts are becoming a part of your world very quickly. They play an increasingly-significant role in your current work and - very importantly - in your next job search. However, they are not complex concepts, and this session will quickly bring you up to speed and help you prepare for your next project as well as many of the other sessions you will attend at CodeMash. This will be a language-independent and platform-independent jump-start into the concepts of REST, JSON, and APIs. We will walk through their meaning, their implementation, and how they’re used. You will see them in action during the session, and even after we leave the room on our way to snag more vendor swag, this session continues to work with you. Throughout the conference and the weeks following, you will have access to a simple server-side API against which you can make requests as you play with your own client side code, and you will be provided with a client from which to send requests as you play with your own server-side code.

Room: NileTags: Cloud, Javascript, Mobile, OtherLevel: Introductory and overview