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Getting the most out of your next generation JVM testing framework

Presented by: Benjamin Muschko
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

With the rise of newer JVM languages like Groovy and Kotlin, feature-rich test frameworks emerged. The test framework Spock became a welcome alternative for many projects fearless to adopt Groovy as part of their polyglot software stack. With the first GA release of JUnit 5 in September 2017, the JUnit team brought real innovation to the established space of testing JVM code. Not only is the release packed with new features comparable to the ones provided by Spock, JUnit 5 also serves as a platform for launching other test frameworks on the JVM. This demo-driven talk compares typical testing usage patterns and features available for JUnit 5 and Spock. You'll leave with a firm understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs delivered by both test frameworks.

Room: Sagewood / ZebrawoodTags: Java, TestingLevel: Introductory and overview