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Building Letters for Livia: A Vue.js App in an Hour

Presented by: Jessica Mauerhan
Time: Friday, Jan. 11, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

When a friend texted me asking if I could build an app for him, I assumed he had a business opportunity in mind. Instead, he shared with me how a friend's daughter had just come out of a coma, and only had control of her eyes. They currently had no way to communicate beyond yes and no and were struggling to find a way to spell out words. Despite having barely used Vue.js before, I was able to build a very simple app to allow them to communicate words and feelings. In this session, I'll explain how I created the app and deployed it to Amazon, enabling them to use it about an hour after the request. We'll cover getting started with Vue.js using vue-cli, what extra tools you need as part of the JavaScript ecosystem to start developing simple apps like this one, and how to add tools and libraries and troubleshoot your JavaScript app.

Room: Portia / WisteriaTags: Cloud, JavascriptLevel: Introductory and overview