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Build Your First Design System

Presented by: Nathan Rambeck, Kasey Bonifacio
Time: Tuesday, Jan. 08, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Are you considering a design system for your organization? Design systems have grown in popularity over the last several years because of their utility in helping organizations maintain good UI standards and consistency, but they require forethought and planning. In this pre-compiler, you’ll learn about many of the challenges and considerations that go into building a design system. Then, you’ll get your hands dirty building a starter design system using a Node-based build system called Drizzle. You’ll start with an existing website of your choice and learn to extract re-usable patterns to include in your design system. Your workshop hosts, Kasey Bonifacio and Nathan Rambeck of Sparkbox, have helped many clients build design systems for their organizations. During this half-day workshop, they will walk you through the following: - Evaluating your design system needs - Challenges to consider when building a design system - Install Drizzle - Build a color system - Build a typography system - Build some layout utilities - Build a button component Requirements - Laptop running macOS 10.8+, Windows 7+, or some modern version of Linux - Node.js v6 or higher - Code Editor

Room: Aloeswood / Leopard WoodTags: Design (UI/UX/CSS)Level: Intermediate