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Collaborative Contract Driven Development

Presented by: Billy Korando
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

You are transition to microservices, you have remote teams, you are wanting to update existing services, you are doing all three. The consistent theme in all of these needs is that they require collaboration across teams and concerns. A common problem however with collaboration is that there is often a lot of wait time. Team A needs for team B to implement and deploy a service, update a service, or figure out why a service isn’t working correctly, this can be a very frustrating process and instead of collaborating you feel like you are competing! There is a better way though and that is with contract driven development! In this presentation we will learn about the goals and processes behind contract driven development. Once we have the underlying principles figured out, we will switch to the practical and look at using Spring Cloud Contract to write contracts. Spring Cloud Contract offers several approaches for writing contracts and we will cover them so your organization can choose which would be the best fit. If you have been frustrated by wait times from with working other services and teams, then this will definitely want to attend this presentation!

Room: OrangeLevel: Introductory and overview