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Generate data for 10,000 unit tests

Presented by: Jeremy Sellars
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Unit tests validate one example at a time, but what if you didn't have to think up dozens of unique examples and write them by hand? Generative testing can help, whether you wish you had 100 monkeys to drive your web application, 10 million example transactions for load testing, or you want to gain confidence in your software without writing hundreds of example scenarios. You will leave this session with a new "thought tool" to identify useful properties to validate, and ideas for testing some "tricky" properties, and an intuition for when to use generative testing vs. example-based unit tests. Attendees follow design and validation of a team-based gratitude tracker through examples of generating "synthetic thank you notes" for testing, property testing the implementation, and model-based testing the awards system. Examples in C# and Clojure.

Room: CypressTags: Functional Programming, TestingLevel: Introductory and overview