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Continuous Delivery requires radical changes for testers

Presented by: Jeff Morgan
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

What does testing and quality look like in a Continuous Delivery world? Who does what and how? Is there still a need for testers or do developers do all of the testing? Is it really possible to achieve quality when you deploy to production many times each day? What should testers do when there is no time for a “testing phase”? These are some of the questions many in the testing community ask as the software development industry moves toward this new paradigm of design and delivery. Continuous Delivery is a radical change in the way we build and deliver software and it requires a radical shift in the way we thing about and achieve quality. Join this veteran Agile coach as he shares his experience. In this presentation you will learn what has worked for several large organizations that have made the transition to this new approach. Join Cheezy as he walks you through his Continuous Delivery World. He will start by building a definition of Continuous Delivery and explain why a company would want to go through such radical changes. Next he will walk through in detail the three fundamental areas within an organization that must change – Development, Operations, and Product Management. Not only will he talk about the details of those changes, he will give you the tools necessary to build your own roadmap. Finally he will talk about organizational changes companies can introduce that will make it easier to achieve this goal. If you are curious about Continuous Delivery or are in the process of adopting this advanced form of Agile this is one talk you will not want to miss.

Room: CypressLevel: Intermediate