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Practical Steps to Modernizing Legacy Applications

Presented by: Gregory Beamer
Time: Thursday, Jan. 10, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

And then one day it happens. The code you trusted for years lives beyond its useful lifetime and you have to send it off to retirement. In some cases, your application becomes obsolete because the technologies it is built on are no longer supported (can anyone say Silverlight? Mainframe?) In others, the application was simply built using the wrong principles, even if it was built on bleeding edge technology. In each case, the application is amassing technical debt and there is no joy for the developers building and supporting it. This session was originally envisioned through experiences modernizing mainframe applications. It was realized through frustration dealing with modern .NET applications built on unsustainable principles that required major surgery. In this session, you will learn * Why refactor over rebuild works as a rule * When you should pitch the rule and choose to rebuild * How the strangulation pattern works to reduce risk during modernization * Why automated testing is critical to success

Room: CypressTags: .NET, OtherLevel: Intermediate