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Arts & Crafts with AWS Glue

Presented by: Manifest Solutions (Sponsor)
Time: Friday, Jan. 11, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

[Presented by James Zhang & Lydia White] Constructing and administering a big data scale Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) and Business Intelligence (BI) pipeline can be expensive and complicated. Fortunately, Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifies this with Glue and QuickSight services. Glue, a fully managed, serverless and cloud-optimized ETL service, ingests data from files or databases. QuickSight, a BI tool, provides data analysis and insights on the ingested data. In this session, you will learn how to store and access data with Amazon’s S3, Athena and Redshift services. You will learn how to transform data into the desired formats and data sources with Glue, Python and PySpark. Finally, you will learn how to enable business users to make better decisions with QuickSight’s drillable dashboards.

Room: NileLevel: Introductory and overview