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13 11, 2017

Help the minions appease the fire marshal

By |2017-11-13T20:19:25-05:00November 13th, 2017|

Now that most of the excitement regarding tickets and hotel rooms have calmed down, the minions have turned their focus to deciding which sessions should be in which room at what time. This is an important task as each room has a limit to the number of occupants and, according to the fire marshal, this isn't merely a suggestion.  So, in order to help us get your <session I'm super excited about and will die if I'm not able to see> session in the right room, we'd like to ask for your help in voting for the sessions you think [...]

2 10, 2017

Session List Announcement

By |2017-10-02T14:04:11-05:00October 2nd, 2017|

Howdy! Late last week our fearless content team sent out invitations to this years speakers. Now that we have given them the weekend to register, and organize their llama caravans to head north, we can publish our quick and dirty session list. Notes: This is a just a quick list of the speakers and sessions. There aren't any fancy features, links, or new fangled gifs. When the final session grid is finalize, we will release our session tool, in which you can do all of those cool features and plan your day. It is possible for this list to change, [...]

1 10, 2017

CodeMash 2018 CFP Wrap-Up

By |2017-10-02T15:14:24-05:00October 1st, 2017|

So, after a crazy month-and-a-half, we come to the end of the CodeMash CFP process. Our CFP opened on 8/15, closed on 8/31, and today the speakers were announced. Most may not believe us, but the selection process seems to get harder each year… meaning, for a given track with 13 slots you may have 20-30 high-quality talks… each of which should be included. When you look at the 14th item on that list… it wasn't that it was really any worse than #13, or that #13 was that much better… It often comes down to the breadth of topics [...]

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