5 01, 2017

All Day Activities

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All day long, every day, we will have the following activities: Beverages and Snacks - There will be coffee at beverage stations all morning, and water in the back of every session room. All day you can use your soda ticket to pickup a soda for free at the snack bar. You can also use a soda ticket for $2 towards a snack instead. We have worked with the hotel to expand the selection, and to add healthy snacks. You get 3 sodas per day of your ticket, which are listed down the side of your badge. No more separate tickets to keep track [...]

5 01, 2017

Checking in at CodeMash

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So you just arrived in town for CodeMash and you are wondering what to do next? Reminder: You can register after 6pm the night before your ticket begins, not sooner. We HIGHLY recommend that you check in the night before your first day. The morning check in line can be brutal. There were reports of autocannibalism last year. Download the official CodeMash app, EventsXD. It has a facility map built in, and includes all session data, activities information, and other cool stuff. You should also bookmark the shuttle tracking web app. Check in at your hotel. If you are off campus, read [...]

5 01, 2017

Hackerz will enjoy the CodeMash Capture the Flag Tournament

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The CodeMash Capture the Flag Tournament is a white-hack hacking competition hosted by Hacking-Lab for fun and education.  No need to be a 1337 h4x0r - play at your own pace, as there will be challenges for all skill levels.  A CTF is a series of challenges designed to test your expertise at finding security vulnerabilities in code.  Solving a challenge gives you points, and a running scoreboard will track the competition throughout the conference. Because of the different difficulty levels, each challenge gives you between 10 and 30 points. The full points of each challenge are only given if you solve the three [...]

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