5 01, 2017


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OMG! Come submit your talk!!! Look at these great submission, so far! Amitai Schleier - How To Miss Deadlines Robert Casto - Give service while sharing your passion! David Giard - Big Data Solutions in Azure Rachel Weil - I built a WiFi modem for my NES, and you can, too! Paul DeCaro - Bash on Ubuntu On Windows => Linux Desktop running natively in Windows 10! Drew Lister - Why I love my elliptical (and you should too!) Ryan Booz - Going Big AND Going Home You could join them! Come talk about most anything you want. Don't [...]

5 01, 2017

Do you want to be Captain Kirk or Buzz Lightyear?

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At CodeMash this year, we are welcoming back Gaming Nomads. They are running two bridges of Artemis, and many games of lazer tag. We also want to thank Cleveland Tech Events for sponsoring this, and making it possible. It may appear like super cool video games on the surface, but this is an excellent way to work on teamwork and communication skills. You can sign up for session slots online, Please arrive at Salon C ten minutes before your session. Join five of your friends or complete strangers as you take control of a spaceship bridge!  Will you be the Helmsman, deftly [...]

4 01, 2017

Open Spaces Online

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Open Spaces is your chance to create your own CodeMash experience!  Here's how it works - you post a topic that you want to discuss, choose a time slot and a meeting location, and then other like-minded folks will come join the discussion.  Topics can be pretty much anything you want, from technology, how to run a user group, brewing beer, or how to setup a user group to talk about the technology in brewing beer.  We will have open spaces during all of the scheduled session times on Thursday and Friday, and all of the meeting areas are in [...]

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