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Of Kickstarters and Sponsorships

We hope everyone is having a great Summer, and are storing away heat in Transformer Energon Cubes for use in January. A few items of note. 0> We've opened up sponsorships for CodeMash 2016 for alumni sponsors. You should have received an email. If you didn't, let us know telepathically. 1> New Read More

Of Milestones and Mailing Lists

We have published the milestone schedule for CodeMash planning. Keep in mind that these dates could waffle a little bit, but they should be pretty close to reality. Just always check the site for any updates or changes to the site. You will notice that there isn't a "hotel room hunger games" milestone. We Read More

Make CodeMash Better!

We are always trying to improve CodeMash, and your input is critical to that. If you attended CodeMash 2015 in any way, please take the survey. It should only take ten minutes, and will really help us with planning CodeMash 2016. Please try to complete before March 15th, Read More