11 11, 2015

Call for AfterDark Sessions

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Thursday night at CodeMash is AfterDark night. A few years ago we thought “Why should the great content end at 5:00pm?” So we decided to add a track called AfterDark that is filled with fun and quirky sessions. These sessions are very ‘open house’ like, and are run during the Thursday night attendee party (along with the game room, Artemis, the jam session with instruments for anyone to play, food, drinks, chatter, and much wow).  A session can be serious, funny, hands on, lecture, or something completely different. They can be 30 minutes long, or four hours long. It’s up [...]

30 09, 2015

Speaker Selection and Stats

By |2015-09-30T06:47:10+00:00September 30th, 2015|

CodeMash 2016 Speaker Selection We've just announced the selected speakers and sessions for CodeMash 2016! As it is every year, it was a huge challenge to pick so few sessions from such a deep, and rich pile of submissions. The content team (which is firewalled from the rest of the committee) did a great job, and now they can rest on their laurels. Rob, on the board of CodeMash, and leader of the content team, sent us some notes on the selection process. If you want to see the speakers/topics, check out the menu items: Accepted Session List, Speakers, and [...]

27 09, 2015

Of Tickets and Hotels

By |2015-09-27T15:55:30+00:00September 27th, 2015|

We have just posted ticket sales and hotel reservation details on our site at We tried to make it as short and sweet as possible, but we also want to try to answer all of the questions we typically get every year. That's why it's a bit over 2,000 words. We encourage you to read and savor them all. TL;DR : No more three-day tickets. Ticket prices remain the same. This year you will at least buy a base two-day ticket. If you want the PreCompilers, then you will need to buy an upgrade ticket to add on the two [...]

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