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CodeMash Pictures are now Available

We hired a professional photography team from ZAGG Studios this year to cover our event. They took tons of photos, including people sleeping in the halls, each session and speaker, some of the battling robots and lights, the gaming room, Artemis, and lots of other stuff. They put forth an amazing amount of Read More

Official CodeMash Shuttle Hotel Transportation System Bus

This is a blog post from 2015. It doesn't apply to later years. We keep it here, to keep the blog record intact. There will be two shuttles running loops through all of the official hotels. There is a scheduled loop during the morning and evenings, and an on demand shuttle through the rest of the day. Please Read More

Lean Book Sauce?

There are three (ok, more than three) quirky little activities at CodeMash. Lean Coffee - We will be hosting a Lean Coffee discussion. Grab your coffee, and head to Salon F. This is every morning for the hour before sessions start. We've placed it on the schedule. Discuss what you've learned, or what you Read More