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Lightning Talk Registration is LIVE!

Direct from our Lightning Talk Leader, Corey Haines: What is a lightning talk, you ask? GREAT QUESTION!!!!!! Answer: 6-minute talks on ANY subject. YES! ANY SUBJECT!  Can you talk for longer? NO! Can you talk for less time? YES!!!!!!! Want to talk about lightning?!?!?! YES!!!! BONUS POINTS!!!!!! When are Read More

What to Expect: Tuesday/Wednesday Edition

Wondering what this CodeMash thing is all about?  Or are you a veteran CodeMasher? Somewhere in between, maybe? Sit back and relax, and grab your favorite hot or cold beverage. We're excited to offer you a mini series: "What to Expect"… v2.0.1.8. Before we dive into the deep end, it's important that you Read More

Art of Knowing the Happs

CodeMash is quite the adventure! As such, it can be quite a challenge effectively getting the word out on everything happening during the Week of Awesome ™. CodeMash hosts a wide array of events and activities, many of which have been communicated using analog methods in prior years. The Kalahari roof goose Read More