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What to Expect: Thursday/Friday Edition

Welcome to the Thursday/Friday Edition of What to Expect!  If you have tickets for the Pre-Compiler, you'll also want to check out the Tuesday/Wednesday edition.  This blog entry is a bit longish, but we promise it will be worth your while. Especially if you are new to CodeMash, or if you've had that feeling Read More

Laser Tag and Artemis and Chimps! Oh My!

Do you long to travel in deep space? Ever wondered what it's like to tag an alien (or maybe your CodeMash roomie)? We are happy to announce the return of Artemis and Laser Tag, presented by Gaming Nomads. Activities below are open to CodeMash Attendees as well as Kidz- please note age requirements.  Read More

Lightning Talk Registration is LIVE!

Direct from our Lightning Talk Leader, Corey Haines: What is a lightning talk, you ask? GREAT QUESTION!!!!!! Answer: 6-minute talks on ANY subject. YES! ANY SUBJECT!  Can you talk for longer? NO! Can you talk for less time? YES!!!!!!! Want to talk about lightning?!?!?! YES!!!! BONUS POINTS!!!!!! When are Read More