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Pre-Compiler … Get those Pre-Reqs Installed (Please)

You finally got that new Mac for Christmas. Or maybe it was a Surface Book if you were a really good girl or boy.  And you even managed to get that laptop sticker on the back of it, and thought happy thoughts about all the great code you'll be writing while at CodeMash. But...there may be a thing or two you Read More

3d Printing and Modeling @ CodeMash

CodeMash is once again happy to announce 3d Printing and Modeling! If you have ever wanted to get some hands on experience with these technologies, this will be a great opportunity. Space will be limited to the size of the rooms, but registration is not required. We are running tracks for both Adults and Read More

Lightning Strikes Again: CodeMash Lightning Talks

Special Announcement from our favorite Lighting Talk extraordianire, Corey Haines: YOU MADE IT!!!!!! 2018 CODEMASH IS SOON!!!! YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!! You've checked in to the Kalahari, got something to eat and drink and are looking for the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to kickoff this amazing event. Read More