COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information2021-12-29T22:13:52-05:00

Updated: December 29, 2021

Below is our current Covid policy. We will continue to monitor the situation and update it as necessary. No one can predict what the situation will be like in January. As a principle, we will follow all government guidelines and any Kalahari policies that apply. Currently, the CDC has these guidelines for large meetings:

Having a safe event, especially during a pandemic, is a top priority for CodeMash. The CodeMash board will continue to monitor guidance and adjust accordingly. The CodeMash organizers are working with Kalahari to understand safety protocols, measures, and local government safety regulations. While we are planning to move forward with our event, we are also planning to scale back CodeMash. We have reduced the total number of attendees, sessions, and sponsors.

All participants over the age of 2 (kidzmash, guardians, monkeys, attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff, etc.) will be required to wear a face mask and/or a face shield at all times (except when both seated and eating/drinking, and except for speakers while they are presenting their session(s)) while in the Conference Center area. The Kalahari Hotel rules will apply to the hotel space.

While we strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated, we will not be requiring or confirming anyone’s vaccination status.

Zero Worry Policy : Any attendee or sponsor can get a full refund at any time.

If you are a speaker, and you feel you can’t attend, please let us know at any time. You will have our good wishes and there will be no ill will. We have a few speakers cancel every year, albeit for non-pandemic reasons, so we are used to planning around this.

Unless the government tells us we may not hold the event, CodeMash will not be cancelled this year. We might have to alter some details of the event, based on the existing mandates from the government, and the changing situation around variants, vaccines, and so on. Due to the limited number of attendees, we will have a lower budget, which means fewer amenities. We will stay focused on what truly matters, high quality content that is affordable and accessible.

The Kalahari has worked with us to make these adjustments to our normal event plan. These may change as the situation evolves.

– Foot handles for entry in convention center restrooms

– Hand sanitizer stations scattered throughout the convention center and in the dining room.

– Event rooms are sanitized overnight before sessions begin for the following day (tables, chairs, a/v equipment, door handles & any other high touch points). 

– A/V friendly sanitizer wipes will be provided on presenter tables for presenters to use on equipment throughout the day, in between sessions.

– Kalahari staff in the convention center will be wearing masks.

– There will be two Buffet line types in main dining hall. Most lines are normal self-serve but will have gloves for attendees to wear. One line will be manned by Kalahari staff, to limit utensil touching. Attendees choose which type of line they want to use.

– Adjustments to session room seating arrangements have been made, to incorporate social distancing. Session rooms will have posted capacity limits to help with social distancing.

– Main dining room will have four (instead of 8) chairs per dining table. The tables will still be the same size tables as last year.