You can walk, take a dogsled, or ride your favorite yak, but frankly we recommend driving. You can find directions to the Kalahari on their site. If you need to fly into the region, Cleveland’s airport is convenient. You can use Tom’s Limo service for a shuttle, or you can coordinate a carpool on the CodeMash Google Group.

You can stay wherever you like for CodeMash, but the Kalahari Resort has offered up some tremendous rates for attendees. You can read the specifics on the registration page. The Kalahari does sell out quickly, and we sell out three other local hotels as well. Don’t worry, call the Kalahari, and if they are sold out, they will connect you with a local hotel.

CodeMash runs a shuttle service between the different hotels, and the Kalahari has plenty of parking if you would rather drive back and forth.

CodeMash Conference is incorporated as an Ohio non-profit company, and is pursuing recognition from the IRS as a 501(c)6 Business League non-profit entity.

It’s a tax and lawyer thing. CodeMash is a Business League entity whose purpose is to create a conference and give you great educational, career-broadening content. You join CodeMash as a member which entitles you to attend these conferences. As a member, part of your attendance fee is marked off as “dues” which helps us put on this event and return value to you for your dues. Membership in CodeMash is limited to professionals in the IT industry – but please note that you’re eligible regardless of what role you hold in the IT industry. This means we’re open to members who are management, marketing, sales, and yes, good old IT geeks.

Maybe. Consult a tax professional for the exact way you should handle your deductions. (Sorry, but we’re technology geeks, not lawyers or tax advisors.)
Maybe. Remember that CodeMash is a 501(c)6 entity, not a 501(c)3 charity. Please see your own financial/legal advisors for the official word on how to handle your own tax position. (Did you really expect our lawyers to let us say anything else?)
CodeMash is organized by several volunteers from the professional developer community in the Heartland region who are recognized experts in these different technologies.
Read all about the crew that makes CodeMash. They work all year long to throw this amazing conference.
Brian H. Prince – President
Jason Follas – Vice President
Rob Gillen – Secretary
We would like to thank the following individuals for contributing some of the photos that appear on this site: Nayan Hajratwala, Aaron Christy, David Giard, Steve Smith, and John Crider.
CodeMash is proud of our work to ensure a welcoming, safe, and respectful environment for our attendees. We established one of the first Anti-Harassment policies of any conference, and have evolved that to the current Code of Conduct.
Yes, with some rules in place. Our logo is a registered trademark, and you have to follow our license. This involves filling out the license contract and sending it to us before your intended use of our trademark. All of the details, including the artwork, is in our logo package.