Open Spaces

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Open Spaces is your chance to create your own CodeMash experience!  Here’s how it works – you post a topic that you want to discuss, choose a time slot and a meeting location, and then other like-minded folks will come join the discussion.  Topics can be pretty much anything you want, from technology, how to run a user group, brewing beer, or how to setup a user group to talk about the technology in brewing beer.  We will have open spaces during all of the scheduled session times on Thursday and Friday, and all of the meeting areas are in the Grand Hall (look for the big numbers hanging on the wall).  Some of the meeting areas will have TVs so that you can show code if you want (these meeting spaces will be noted on the signup site).

This year you can sign up via a google sheet! If you want to post a session topic or see what sessions have been posted, go to The sheet is live now and has tabs for both Thursday and Friday, so feel free to start posting your sessions.

Check out the open space sessions Thursday and Friday, if something looks interesting, just drop in and join the discussion.  You never know what you might learn!

Thanks to Alyssa Diaz (@alycit) for running Open Spaces at CodeMash 2020!