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Session Schedule2019-01-07T06:25:51-05:00


8:00 AM

Product Discovery Workshop - OKRs, Personas, Storymapping, Oh My

Presented by: Joel Tosi
Time: Tuesday 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

In this hands on workshop, teams (4-5) will use Product Chartering, Personas, Storymapping, and User Journeys along with Experience Tests to explore a product of their choice. Along the way we will touch on how you blend architecture needs into this as well as chaos engineering - especially if the...

Room: Aloeswood / LeopardwoodTrack: UI/DesignTags: Design (UI/UX/CSS)Format: PreCompilerLevel: Introductory and overview


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4:00 PM

The Case for GraphQL

Presented by: Kyle Schrade
Time: Friday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

We will be diving into why someone would want to use GraphQL and what are the benefits of using it. Starting from what is GraphQL and ending with how it can make your stack much more flexible and improve your day-to-day developer experience. We will look at many examples from our work at StockX that...

Room: Aloeswood / LeopardwoodTrack: Web/Front-EndTags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Javascript, MobileFormat: General SessionLevel: Introductory and overview