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Continuous Deployments - the survival guide

Presented by: Eric Rabinovitch

Continuous Deployments - The holy grail for many DevOps teams, but did you consider what will change besides amount deployments into production and your team velocity? Did you consider how it will affect the development process, how much testing your team will write, the recruitment process, QA teams, and your entire engineering culture?
In the last six years, I successfully adopted Continuous Deployments as a manager for my teams, and help as an advisor for other companies, and from time to time, I hear people saying, "continues deployments is not a technical problem in more of a cultural one."
I even catch myself using this phrase. But why this is more of a cultural leap than a technical one?
In this talk, I will share from my experience: how to successfully move to continuous deployment environments. What are the pitfalls and benefits and even more important, I will explain how your engineering culture might change and how. And hopefully will share some light on what you might expect at the end of this journey.

Tags: Soft Skills/Business, TestingLevel: Introductory and overview