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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08+00:00

Better prototyping w/ NestJS and Nx

Presented by: Wes Grimes

Prototyping and mocking backend REST APIs is a common need for front-end application projects. Often times we need to start developing our front-end applications before, or in parallel to, backend services are ready for use. We also want to test our front-end applications in isolation from those backend services.

What if I told you the solution to our problem was available in a really simple, yet powerful, Express-based framework named NestJS? With NestJS, you can spin up a mock REST API backend with full in-memory db support for complex entity types in mere minutes.

For this talk, come join me on a journey into spinning up an Nx workspace with a NestJS backend and Angular front-end that makes use of a new NPM package named "NestJS Addons / In Memory DB". There will be live coding!

Tags: Javascript, TestingLevel: Intermediate