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Going Fast: The Art of Delivering Quality Software Quickly

Presented by: Josh Carroll
Time: Thursday, Jan. 09, 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Building software is tricky business and the demands are higher than ever. Agile was meant to free us from the confines of red-tape driven software, but most of us can't help but feel something is off in our software process.

Do you wonder why startups can launch an entire product in a few months, but it took your team 6 months to get that new feature into production?

Do you get tired of having hour long meetings with 16 people just to talk about having another meeting to talk about the color of a button to use?

Are you stuck building a bunch of features "just in case" instead of getting something working in front of a user?

Does it take you more time to plan, document and release a simple change than it does to actually make the change?

If any of these resonate with you, then come learn about a simple question you, your team, and your company can ask yourselves that will help you cut through the bloat in your software process, and start delivering value like never before.

Room: Indigo BayTags: Soft Skills/BusinessLevel: Introductory and overview