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Server Side Swift Saves CodeMash: Breaking free of the phone

Presented by: Anne Cahalan
Time: Wednesday, Jan. 08, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

CodeMash is a whirlwind of great workshops, talks, and experiences. If only you could capture these insights and save them forever...

Swift can help -- but we're NOT going to build an iOS app! Server Side Swift has gone from a fun idea to a robust, mature platform for moving data from the backend to the front. In the first half of this precompiler, we're going to build a fully functional backend in Swift, using Vapor. Then we'll leverage that backend to support a web app templated in Leaf and hosted on Heroku for you to compile notes on the CodeMash sessions you'll attend during the week. And since we know conference wifi can move at the pace of the Kalahari's lazy river, we'll use the second half of the precompiler to build a Mac app that shares authentication and network infrastructure with our web app. We'll use Server Side Swift to save CodeMash forever!

Room: NileTags: Mobile, OtherLevel: Intermediate