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Knitting and Spinning for Fun and Non-Profit

Presented by: Bill Horvath
Time: Wednesday, Jan. 08, 9:30 AM - 11:25 AM

Knitting is a relaxing and creative endeavor you can practice anywhere that you can carry two sticks and a pocket full of yarn. Bonus: it's binary! (knit…purl…get it?) And there are lots of opportunities to knit for charity, from hats for preemies, to prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. Knitters even have their own social network called Ravelry, where they show off their latest projects and patterns.

In this two hour class, you'll learn the whole nine yards of knitting, from casting on, to binding off, and everything in between. If there's enough time and interest, you'll also learn how to spin roving into yarn, using a drop spindle made from nothing more than a stick, a hook, some rubber bands, and a couple of old AOL CDs that fell behind your parents' desk years ago.

16 maximum participants.
Divez are designed for ages 12+.

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