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Hobby Projects Are Awesome!

Presented by: Joel Byler
Time: Thursday, Jan. 09, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

There you are, enjoying a hobby that you love. One that gets you away from your screens and keyboard. Then out of nowhere an idea comes to mind, maybe its spurred by a problem that you encountered or a way that you could improve on a technique, you pull from your experiences and decide to start a new project that helps to scratch that itch. Of course, since we're all tech professionals, we find ourselves building these solutions with the technologies we know, or wish to learn more about. This is all fantastic, but how do we get started? What do you do when you're not sure your users will like it? How do you do this on your own? And even more importantly, how do you avoid burn out, I mean this is a project to help with a hobby that gets you away from your keyboard and now you're right back at the keyboard instead of doing that hobby you love so much. This talk is also intended to help folks who have had these ideas but get stuck, if those old ideas still inspire you then lets pick them back up off the shelf and finally finish them, and get them out there for the world to enjoy!

Room: OrangeTags: Design (UI/UX/CSS), Other, Soft Skills/BusinessLevel: Introductory and overview