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Environment Configuration for JavaScript Apps

Presented by: David Truxall
Time: Friday, Jan. 10, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

For traditional server-side web apps, environment-specific configuration is handled in a variety of ways, including environment variables, configuration files or password stores. But a front-end web app running in a framework like React or Vue can’t really use these same techniques since they typically run in the browser, not in the server environment. Yet they still need environment-specific configurations.

Fortunately, this problem can be breached at either build-time or run-time. This session demonstrates techniques for both, allowing you to manage your DevOps pipelines to create environment configurations appropriate to your situation. You’ll see WebPack for build-time configuration and run-time solutions hybridizing known server-side solutions, as well as using containers in Kubernetes.

Room: RosewoodLevel: Intermediate