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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08+00:00

Automate Your Build/Release Pipelines with Azure DevOps

Presented by: Mickey Gousset

Most people's start into the DevOps culture is through automation, specifically around their build/release pipelines. Whether you are wanting to deliver once a month or multiple times a day, automating those pipelines will make your team and organization more productive, as well as move you down the road toward a stronger DevOps culture.

In this workshop, you are going to learn how to use Azure Pipelines (part of Azure DevOps) to automate both your build and release pipelines. You will learn multiple ways to create the pipelines, using both the GUI tools as well as YAML files. You'll learn how the pipelines work behind the scenes, as well as some best practices for building your own pipelines.

And best of all, this will be a hands-on environment. Show up with a laptop, an Azure subscription that you are the owner of, and an Azure DevOps organization that you are also an owner of, and let's get hands-to-keyboard with Azure Pipelines. You'll walk out of this session with information and ideas that you can immediately start applying in your work environment. Sound fun? Come join me!

Tags: .NET, CloudLevel: Intermediate