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REST in Peace: Killing REST and adopting RPC.

Presented by: Steven Swenson
Time: Friday, Jan. 10, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

REST has been the de facto architecture for web APIs for 15 years, and its deficiencies are starting to become quite apparent. It is difficult to document, poor standardization, and lacks common tooling. For developers, this results in extra work when creating or consuming an API. The time has come for us to kill REST and start using RPC architecture. This talk will discuss why REST is deficient for modern applications and how adopting RPC can reduce development time, and reinforce more rigorous design standards. Using better standards leads to faster development, easier testing, and auto-generated clients. These points will be illustrated by comparing a simple API implemented in both REST and in gRPC, a standard created by Google. Other RPC standards will also be reviewed and compared to gRPC.

Room: CypressLevel: Intermediate