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Vue 3.0 Smaller, Faster & Stronger

Presented by: Dan Vega
Time: Thursday, Jan. 09, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Vue.JS has quickly become one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks around. The Vue Core Team is getting ready to release the third major version of the framework and it's packed with new features and performance updates. In this presentation, I will show off some of those new features such as:

- Composition API
- TypeScript Support
- Proxy-based change detection
- Fragments
- Portals
- Suspense
- Performance Improvements (Smaller & Faster)
- & Much more

Vue 3 is a major rewrite of the framework and it will be its biggest release to date. Join me as we explore the exciting changes to an already amazing framework.

Room: CypressTags: JavascriptLevel: Intermediate