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Coaching Katas - In Search of The Answer to the Agile Kobayashi Maru

Presented by: Faye Thompson, Charles Husemann
Time: Wednesday, Jan. 08, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

These virtues are formed in man by his doing the actions.
-- Aristotle

A code kata is an exercise in which developers hone their programming skills through practice and repetition. This workshop is intended to do the same thing for agilists by providing them with difficult real-world scenarios to discuss, and a safe, supportive space in which to practice effective coaching techniques.

Working in small groups, we will role-play simulated work situations while practicing some common coaching techniques. The goal is to give new and experienced agilists the opportunity to learn from each other in how they deal with difficult scenarios.

Room: CypressTags: Soft Skills/BusinessLevel: Intermediate