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What is the definition of done? How do I get there?

Presented by: JFrog (Sponsor)
Time: Friday, Jan. 10, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

(Presented by Mark Galpin)
The DevOps revolution has changed a lot of things, but probably nothing more than how product managers and developers think about “done”. In this talk we will see examples from the development of JFrog GoCenter and how we as a team together learned to change our definitions of done to truly embrace DevOps culture. What are all the things that we have to think about after a developer types 'git push'? What does that tooling look like?

At JFrog we spend lots of time both internally and with customers thinking about the lifecycle of software, this talk illustrates our current thinking, and shows an example of how to execute on it, using existing tools, and how the future is looking.

Room: OrangeLevel: Introductory and overview