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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

Asynchronous JavaScript: Livin' On A Prayer

Presented by: Bob Fornal

There is a unique world where Single-Threaded JavaScript manages to be much more. JavaScript interacts with its environment in ways that allow it to handle Asynchronous activities. Using several detailed code examples, we will examine these examples in a unique way to show how these interactions truly work.

This talk has been also called, "JavaScript Enjoys Your Tears" and "Lip Sync To The Async". If you are an experienced developer or new to the field, there is something in this presentation for you.

This session takes a look at how JavaScript manages Asynchronous events and some of the ways developer decisions may work for, or against them.

This discussion will examine the ways that JavaScript coordinates and manages events using several coding examples and we can determine which are the good, the bad, and ... the ugly.

Tags: JavascriptLevel: Introductory and overview