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Absurd Taco Machine

Presented by: Daniel Pries

This session is geared towards 10-17 years olds in which the audience will participate with the speaker in a guided session of creating a basic platformer video game using Phaser 3 and Typescript. The audience will participate in four, 20 minute sessions growing in complexity from theme to theme. Over the course of the sessions, the audience will have the ability to create an environment and rules that the protagonist taco machine repair man can interact with to complete its taco machine objectives. The goal of this session is to expose the audience to programming concepts that are not low code or drag and drop experiences and get them comfortable using Typescript.

The first session will be a “Research” session where the audience will get to know the intent of the game and stub out the game’s basic features. The first features of the game will be a Main Menu Phaser Scene followed by a Credits Scene which will also include a parallax effect. For the Credits Scene, the audience will be exposed to basic tweens and a tween timeline concept that will animate the creators' names up the screen. Upon completion of the credits, which will include some participants' names, the Credits Scene will transition back to the Main Menu Scene.

The second session will be a “Game” session where the audience will have an opportunity to brainstorm the game loop mechanics as it relates to the character’s environment. The audience will create a “Game” Scene using a third party tool called Tiled which will organize the platformer into discrete layers and export those layers into an object map that can be loaded into the Game scene. Finally, the game loop will include a timer that will end the game if the objective isn’t met and will transition to the Credits Scene.

The third session will be a “Hero” session. The audience will be able to create basic motions using the native Arcade physics and keybinding provided by Phaser and learn how to animate the character’s sprite sequences for a motion-based aesthetic. The audience will learn how to apply collision maps using a tile layer that will serve as the basis for obstacles.

The fourth and final session will be a “Wrap it up” session. In this session the audience will learn how to apply the objects needed to satisfy the heroes objectives required to complete the level. If there is time, the audience will also add pre-configured non-playable characters that will further increase the difficulty of the game. At this time, the audience can participate in a Q/A session before closing the Absurd Taco Machine game.

Tags: Javascript, OtherLevel: Intermediate