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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

The Mark 3 Exoskeleton

Presented by: Scott Preston

I started building exoskeletons for CodeMash in 2016. The Mark1 and Mark2 were heavy and cumbersome but a lot has changed in the past 5 years thanks to 3D Printers and Hobby Grade CNC machines.

In this talk, I'll begin where I left off in CodeMash 2017, talking about the Mark 2 and its subsystems. Soon after I'll transition to the Mark 3 discuss the upgrades I've made as well as the problems and obstacles involved with those upgrades. Finally, I'll demo the suit and its new capabilities.

Since the talk is only 50 minutes, the key subsystems I'll focus on will be the suit control program written in JavaScript, torso chassis (chest and back w/articulation), left and right arms w/articulation & integration into the torso, left and right hand/grippers. 3D Modeling with Fusion 360. 3D Printing & Materials. CNC Machining Aluminum with the Shapeoko. If I have more time I'll discuss the remainder of the suit, armor plating, and future upgrades.

p.s. I promise this demo will involve more than me walking in the suit without falling over :) I'll definitely lift and crush something by the end of the talk.

Tags: Hardware, JavascriptLevel: Intermediate