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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

Stand Back; I'm going to try Data Science!

Presented by: Matt Eland

Curious about data science and its relation to software engineering? Want to know how to dabble in artificial intelligence or machine learning side projects before taking the plunge? Come check out this session.

In this session I'll highlight my own journey in layering data science skills on top of a software engineering background. I'll teach you the terms, roles, languages, libraries, and technologies you'll encounter and help you understand what aspects of math and programming are helpful in setting down this journey.

You'll discover easy ways to get started with Python, R, and get connected to the data science community. I'll show you how to discover public datasets and visualizations to help inspire your own journey. By the time the session is finished, you'll know how to find out if data science is a good fit for you and how to take it to the next level if you discover you like it.

Tags: Big DataLevel: Introductory and overview