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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

Life in the Fastlane: App Store Deployments That Won't Make You Lose Your Mind

Presented by: Keith Kurak

Imagine deploying your shiny new app to the Apple App Store- creating certs, uploading your app to Testflight, adding testers, taking screenshots on four different devices, filling in dozens of fields on the store description, clicking through EULA’s, and resubmitting five times because the reviewer didn’t like the drop shadow on your home screen icon. Now imagine doing that 70 times for each update because you’ve just inherited 70 white label apps. With examples from the real-life tribulations of a developer faced with this “automate-or-die” scenario, learn how to use Fastlane to build scripts that do all that annoying App Store Connect and Google Play Console stuff for you. Highly-recommended for mobile developers suffering from app store fatigue who have never used Fastlane, or who want to go beyond the one or two Fastlane scripts they copied from Stack Overflow- whether they support one app or a thousand.

Tags: MobileLevel: Intermediate