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From A to Gen Z: Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation

Presented by: Rachel Kaip

The time has come. Gen Z is joining us in the workforce! This may seem scary as media outlets love to write clickbait articles about the how vast the generational gap is between Gen Z and those before them, but don’t believe everything you read online.

Gen Z is the first generation to have always have the internet, making them the most socially connected generation of all time. But having (almost) unlimited access to information constantly at your fingertips isn’t always easy and we’ve already seen the impact it has on shaping this generation’s perspectives and actions.

The goal of this session is to dive deep into the mind of Gen Z to help explain where they’re coming from with their modernized mindset and values. Drawing on examples from a team that spans three generations, attendees will learn how these factors affect hiring, coaching, and retaining Gen Z professionals while seamlessly fusing them into the work environment.

Tags: Leadership, Soft Skills/BusinessLevel: Introductory and overview