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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

6 (or so) new features of .NET 6

Presented by: Joseph Guadagno

.NET 6 takes us one step closer to the unified .NET platform where dogs and cats get along, Windows and Macs play nice together, and you can use .NET to develop for the Cloud, Mobile, Gaming, IoT, Desktop, AI, and the web.

So, what's included in this step? There's a lot. Don't worry. I'm here to guide you on this step.

We'll look at the following:
1) C# 10 language features
2) ASP.NET Changes
3) Maui, no, not the beach
4) Performance improvements
5) New APIs
6) Other enhancements

We'll wrap up the talk by looking at where we are on the journey to the unification of .NET.

When the talk is over, if not during, you'll want to download .NET and start using .NET to make your life as a developer easier.

Tags: .NETLevel: Introductory and overview