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Session Details2019-01-07T06:21:08-05:00

RediSearch: Completing the Beyond SQL Story with Search

Presented by: Brian Sam-Bodden

Do you automatically reach for a relational database for your application’s data needs? There is an unspoken impedance mismatch between expected rates of maturity between an application’s model and its data model. NoSQL/NewSQL and now “beyond SQL” solutions are often met with incredulity from the die-hard SQL crowd. Brian will introduce you to the power of RediSearch to query structured and unstructured data in Redis and show how RediSearch helps to narrow the SQL to NoSQL gap by allowing common SQL patterns to be implemented in a key-value and document data store like Redis.

Using the RediSearch module, you’ll learn:

How to query data in Redis with SQL-like flexibility How to use boolean logic, full-text search, numeric ranges, geo radiuses, and more How to create secondary indexes for your existing Redis data How to build reporting and analytics queries using aggregations (COUNT, SUM, etc.)

Tags: Big DataLevel: Introductory and overview